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Don Pyle and Andrew Zealley - The Law of Enclosures (CD)

(Greek Buck -
[Genres: score, orchestral]

greekbucklawenc.jpg (8166 bytes)In case you didn't know, Don Pyle and Andrew Zealley make up Toronto's Greek Buck, a great independent duo that doesn't get the recognition it deserves. This release is the score from a film called "The Law of Enclosures," directed by John Greyson. The score itself is very moody, featuring twenty-six orchestral pieces, with occasional appearances of vocals by Farawla and Sarah Polley (who has a lead role in the film). Despite these vocals, most of the album is completely instrumental, with a wealth of string instruments, including violins, a viola, violincello, and a guitar. Pyle and Zealley truly display a well-developed talent for composing, as they have both crafted a wonderful film score that rocks without rocking (that was not clever).  By the way, this won the best score award at 2001 Manitoba Film Festival.


October 14, 2001  (3)