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Various Artists

"Yeah, It's Supposed To Sound Like That Vol. 2" CD

Colchester Recordings

Genres: indie rock/pop, electronica, punk

Mar 28 - Apr 3 2005

The second volume of this compilation series run by British label Colchester Records offers yet another sample of eclectic music from across the English-speaking globe.  In addition to the usual rock and pop fare, there's also some hip-hop (ReMo'Conscious), electronica (Epoché), and punk (Billy Idle & Caustic Goat).  Aside from a a few irritating disasters (Puffinboy's useless "Short//Cut," Steve Rudd's laughably terrible "New England's Fall"), this is a pretty solid collection of tunes.  Chances are you'll find some new bands to research; for me it was ReMo'Conscious indie hop-hop, The Tommys' surfy rock, and Hatstandy Andy's homemade, exciting techno.  Contributions from familiar acts The Party, Muleskinner Jones, and Frankie Machine also impressed.  Volume Two is another successful chapter in the Colchester saga - if number three can sift out the filler, it has the potential to be the best one yet.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 17 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2004]