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Y Dull Duckworth-Lewis

"I'r Gad Dros Y Mannau Du" CDR

Catchpenny Records

Genres: electronic, lo-fi

PO Box 88
Mold, CH5 4ZQ

Feb 23 - 29 2004

Y Dull Duckworth-Lewis is the resident electronica outfit of Welsh DIY label Catchpenny Records. Their tracks are usually heavily rhythmic, beat-based numbers featuring cut-up samples and soundclips. I'r Gad Dros Y Mannau Du is no exception.

These seven tracks often make me wonder why this 'band' isn't more well-known (although their last album did warrant some airplay on John Peel's BBC radio show.)
The opener "Beth Yw'r Cam Nesaf?" is striking in its beat-packed dissection of a short vocal sample. "Gwreiddiau," meanwhile, features some incredibly dense and complex beats, while "Neider" is a step away from power noise, and "Un, Dau, Tri/Perfect English/Gwagle" is a minor epic, toying around with a bunch of different vocal samples culled from a variety of sources.

Though this is definitely a very obscure lo-fi release, it has a pretty professional sound. Hometaper fanatics and electronic music lovers alike should find a lot to like in I'r Gad Dros Y Mannau Du.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 7 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]