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Y Camerâu Cyflymder

"Cyfleoedd" CDR Single

Catchpenny Records

Genres: pop, rock/pop

PO Box 88
Mold, CH7 4ZQ

July 29 - Aug 6 2002

Welsh music may not be of the highest abundance here in North America, where I'm writing this review from, but it is largely evident that Wales has a bustling indie scene to boast about.  This CDR, a two song single of Welsh-language tunes from indie rockers Y Camerâu Cyflymder, is a disappointingly short sample of this scene. While the recording style is most certainly lo-fi, the band's songwriting and playing techniques are refreshingly creative - and devilishly enjoyable.

The title-track, for example, lays the singer's guttural vocals over an abrasive, yet melodic, guitar background.  "Rhy Ychydig, Rhy Hwyr", meanwhile, is even better.  It's got a Slanted and Enchanted feeling to it that's particularly enjoyable.  Be warned, though - those expecting glossy studio recordings should back away.

Released on Welsh's finest lo-fi label, Catchpenny Records, Cycleoedd is a good single that will appeal to any lo-fi junkie.  Worth checking out just for the Welsh lyrics alone. 


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 3 min 38 sec; 2 tracks; distributed by the label; recordiwyd 2002]