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"Your Neu Favourite Band" CD

Narnack Records

Genres: punk, punk rock, garage 

381 Broadway
New York, NY

Aug 25 - 31 2003

Fresh off the presses from quality label Narnack Records is the debut X27 record, Your Neu Favourite Band. Known for their intense live shows, X27's main challenge in creating this album was being able to hold up on record. It's no secret that great live bands sometimes fall flat in the studio.

With that said, it's clear they've done a good job on Your Neu Favourite Band. While you aren't likely to emerge bruised and battered from this album like you would at an X27 show (bad thing?), you will likely enjoy the energy and sheer disregard for popular production values that the band exemplifies. Trash that, epitomizes. The sound is gritty, and the songs come across as explosive yet still remarkably melodic. The most intriguing piece is "Spyder," which is like a punk tune pounded to oblivion by high-pitched guitar squalls and distortion. Another fine song is simply called "Me"; it sounds like a more garage-y Sneaker Pimps track, oddly enough.

Altogether, this is a very strong debut from what was once primarily a live band. These things are bound to sell like hotcakes at shows, and for good reason too.  Check it out if you're up for some high-energy punk/garage rock.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]