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The Working Title

"Everyone Here is Wrong..." CD


Genres: alternative rock

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Apr 5 - 11 2004

"Beloved" was on the American Wedding soundtrack.  Those are the mainstream credentials that The Working Title, a soon-to-be-majored indie band, have on their résumé.  As can probably be guessed from the context, The Working Title play your average brand of angsty but cool, immature but mature, alternative rock music.

At this point, The Working Title are at a sort of crossroads.  A Universal album is planned for release later this year, but nonetheless the band's chances of 'making it' are far from guaranteed.  Hundreds of discs of this calibre are released by major labels every year, and only a select few hit the big time.  And, lest we forget, by the time their debut hits shelves, American Wedding will be old news (heck, it already is.)

What The Working Title do have to their credit is a remarkably infectious, if familiar sound.  I don't like it at all, but I can see this being played on 'alternative rock' radio stations with names like "Edge" and "Blast" and such.  Singles like "Something She Said" and the aforementioned "Beloved" are simply dripping in hooks.  Unfortunately, the stale and unpleasantly generic "Thoughts on Love's Mishaps" also rears its ugly, fabricated head on this disc.

The chances of The Working Title making the big time are mathematically unlikely, but still possible.  I'll put it this way - given the right exposure, these guys can do it.  They've got the chops, but do they also have the luck?


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 7 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]