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Self-Titled CD

Soda Pop Sounds

Genres: indie rock, experimental rock, emo

PO Box 2431
Austin, TX 78768

April 27 - May 4 2002

Woozyhelmet is a surprisingly original band from Austin, Texas. They specialize in their own brand of offbeat indie rock, made remarkable by their "different" musical styles. The lyrics themselves discuss familiar topics, like relationships and sex, but with a decidedly oddball approach (sample lyrics: "I guess we went together/Like sandpaper and soft skin/Like going out and staying in/Like vodka and Vicadin").

Despite the experimental approach and sometimes comical subject matter, this album actually stands out as a pretty good indie release. "Pig," one of the album's nine songs, is a very catchy bit of noise rock. It's lyrics are told from the perspective of an older boy dating a 16-year old ("And nobody will ever know/That we didn't fuck forever/'Cause I told all my friends/That we fucked forever"). Alternatively, "And All That Implies" is a moody, pondering piece. It is a very enjoyable song that surpasses some of the material that many better-known indie outfits have released.

Altogether, this is a very solid indie rock release. From the brief, intense anger of "Christmas of the Sax Player" to the sweet 'innocence' of "Crush," and even the clever lunacy of "Bite Me," Woozyhelmet's album may just be one of the year's most original indie releases. Wow.


Matt Shimmer