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"Deceit" CD

Winter Productions

Genres: alternative rock, independent rock

Jan 20 - 26 2002

Winter are not going to win any cover design contests for their album. The "art" on this album had me loathing the day I'd have to review it. And their poorly-built website had me even more worried.

But when the day came that I had to write a review, I was pleasantly surprised. Though nothing groundbreaking, Deceit (actually a collection of the band's best demos over the past five years) is a very fresh, catchy album that many people will likely enjoy. The band has a knack for taking taking the "alternative rock" style and adding their own little songwriting nuances to it. Often their songs will go over the standard "four minute" mark of modern popular music, and instead go for more empassioned, five-minute tracks that blend pop sensibilities with elements of other music, like metal-esque guitars and even a bit of early-90s grunge melodies.

A good example of their music is the seven-minute opener track, "Inside (Part I and Part II)". Starting off with merely a few atmospheric sound effects, the tune quickly introduces the drums, guitar, bass and vocals - from here, it becomes a powerful rocker with a very catchy chorus. Then, half-way through, the sound deflates into nothing, only to finish off for the three-minute second part of the piece, which is more subdued and downbeat, featuring a nice use of the cello, and also some experimental keyboard work. Another excellent song is "This Turning Dream," a moody, powerful rocker that works best in the dark, where it has a wonderful epic feeling to it.

The other tracks are also enjoyable - there's four more guitar-rock songs, as well as an instrumental and a sprited cover version of the Iggy Pop/David Bowie song, "China Girl." Deceit is recommended for listeners looking for something different, but not too different.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 8 songs, distributed by CD Baby, released 2002]