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Windsor For The Derby

"The Emotional Rescue LP" CD/LP

Aesthetics Records

Genres: indie rock, indie pop

PO Box 577286
Chicago, IL. 60657

May 11 -18 2002

"The Emotional Rescue LP" is Windsor For The Derby's fourth album since it was started, and it also marks the band's first release on Aesthetics. The band has added a few members to its roster, and as such this album is slightly different from its predecessors.

"The Emotional Rescue LP" is very moody and emotional, and although the band does occasionally bring in some happy elements, the album comes off as being slightly depressing and moving. Although the album is actually broken into nine songs that are separated with silent pauses, the whole LP manages to go by like one big movement, as opposed to merely a collection of tracks.

My favourite piece was definitely "Fall of '68," an amazingly beautiful pop song that features the best chorus I've heard in a while. When the restrained saxophone playing eases into the piece, you can literally feel the strings tugging at your heart, and the singer's slightly agitated voice only enhances the emotional experience.

Meanwhile, "Awkwardness" is another excellent song. Taking cues from the music of labelmates Hood, the track whisks by in a gust of dreamy guitars, padded drums, emotional vocals, and throbbing bass. When it finally fades away at the end, you'll feel slightly detached from the world, only to be brought back to Earth by the suitably-titled "Another Rescue," which seems almost like a confrontation - it's a very close, warm song, and this distinction juxtaposes with the other tracks, which tend to be less personal and more epic.

As I previously mentioned, "The Emotional Rescue EP" comes together like one big movement. Despite the diversity and individual distinctions of the songs, the album finds itself as one big whole. By the end of this whole, you'll be completely drained - yet fully satisfied.


Matt Shimmer