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"No Shore" CDEP

Alisar Records

Genre: adult alternative, electronic pop, soft rock

June 2006

Keyboard-heavy pop group Whispertrip call to mind adult alternative acts like Hooverphonic and The Hunting Party. No Shore's songs are catchy in a mature sort of way, though I find them a little sterile and inoffensive for my taste. It seems to me this type of music had its heyday in the mid-90's; with today's more modern electronic effects, this sort of thing seems a little archaic. Regardless, opener "Happiest" is the highlight of the EP - it's got the nice, AA-calibre vocals of Ashley Vincenti, and a moody melody that sounds strangely familiar. "One Little Bit" continues this tradition, and the rest of the songs fall in the same vein - not as successful as the first, but consistent in sound and style. "Refrain" is worthy of note, due to its dark, slightly haunting atmosphere. Overall, No Shore a solid declaration of intentions from Whispertrip; just don't expect any curveballs.

MP3s (from Happiest, Refrain


Fun Fact: This project is open-sourced, meaning anyone who gets this album can take the sample (included at the end of the disc) and make their own creation based on it.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 6 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2006]