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The Westside Daredevils

"All Things Small Produce A Spark" CD

Lynn Point Records

Genres: indie pop, indie rock

May 4 -11 2002

As indie pop bands become more and more abundant, it sometimes seems very hard to separate the good ones from the bad. Of course, "good" and "bad" are purely subjective terms, although there are a few things that we can all agree on. Poorly imitating Pavement or Guided By Voices - that's a no-no - and the "play it like you don't give a shit" technique is becoming annoyingly overdone.

But The Westside Daredevils - well, they're different.

They've mastered their own special blend of indie pop, although it's certainly not without its influences. There's a bit of The Go-Betweens in here, and a whole ton of The Flaming Lips, as well. Yet, the Daredevils never sound stale or done-before. Their positive attitude and warm, poppy songwriting carry a certain charm that'll keep the cd in your stereo for awhile. The instantly catchy melodies of upbeat songs like "Andrea" and "Careful Tom" juxtapose magnificently with the more moody tracks like "Miner's Shortwave" and "Mind's Cold Sweat"

Altogether, this album is a excellent one. The band displays an excellent grasp of a whole myriad of styles. If this album's anything to go by, The Westside Daredevils could become a big name on the scene one day.


Matt Shimmer