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Wayne Butane

"Backwash" CDR

Flaming Canine

Genres: sound collage, plunderphonics

Flaming Canine
603 N. Orange St
Mesa, AZ

Aug 27 - Sep 3 2004

Backwash is a ten-year compilation of Wayne Butane's talk-heavy plunderphonics collages.  It collects seven cassette recordings and one seven-inch record into one long CDR track.  The work is somewhat akin to the less musical side of People Like Us and The Tape Beatles, with emphasis on vocal clips rather than song excerpts - which are also present, but sparse.

Like Swipes, which I also reviewed recently, this disc is successful because of its sample diversity - there's so much on here, that you just end up sitting next to the stereo with your mouth gaping open in awe.  Sound sources come from everywhere - grisly newscasts, Michael Jackson, Longmont Potion Castle, and even pornography.  This isn't nearly as polished as some of the more popular audio collage material, but it's a good selection of lo-fi cut-n-pasting.  Fun.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 1 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]