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Water School

"Break Up With Water School" CD

Morphius Records

Genres: indie pop, nerd rock

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Mar 14 - 20 2005

Break Up With Water School is a sweet if inoffensive pop album, based on pleasantly saccharine melodies and loose, carefree song structures.  The formula works, but it can get a bit bland; as well, more jaded listeners will likely be left wanting something a bit more multi-dimensional and meaningful.  Even the more angsty, emotional songs have a peppiness to them that is simply unwavering - "Blooms in Disguise," for example, sounds almost like a teenage emo track, but its jumpy rhythm section injects a bit of energy into the sadfest.  Perhaps it's just innocence.

As far as the songwriting goes here, this album is pretty strong, though a bit tiresome at times.  "Talking 'Bout Us" and "The Home We Never Had" are relaxed, melodic pop songs that have a distinct positivity about them.  "Forgive Me Robert" and "Rosita" are more charged and overt.  "Southern Belle," meanwhile, is slower and distinctly downtrodden, though the smooth melody keeps it from becoming overly dreary.  "Firefly" and "(Darling) You Won't Have To" introduce a folk-country influence that the band loves to show off.

Overall, Break Up With Water School is a strong indie pop album that should appease most audiences; Water School have proven themselves to be a talented, young band - let's see what's next. 


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 13 tracks, distributed by Morphius, released 2004]