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"Quiet Contest" CD

Pop Faction

Genres: slowcore, dream pop, indie pop

Mar 3 - 9 2003

VR, originally known as Vehemence Realized, is a slowcore indie pop band from Richmond, Virginia. With two releases already under their belt, they released the aptly-titled Quiet Contest in 2002.  It's a calm, subdued affair, composed mainly of acoustic guitars, hushed vocals, and calm piano chords.

After a nice instrumental by the name of "Ohio," they cut right into the chase with the endearing "Lafayette".  It's a very pleasant tune, with a calm, relaxing atmosphere.  "Supervision" comes a bit later, sounding something like a less dreamy Mojave 3 song - its vocals are whispered in this bizarre, slippery manner that doesn't exactly work that well.

"Nevere," however, picks up on a very nice vibe, rolling along in a whist of anti-energy and beautiful, powdered guitar strums.  A quiet twang in the guitar can be heard in the background in the latter minutes of the piece - the effect is beautiful.  This is perfect relaxing music.

All in all, Quiet Contest is a very consistent slowcore album that finds its niche at the start and doesn't stray from it.  Although its quiet nature can get tiresome after awhile, VR's Quiet Contest is a nice diversion for dedicated dream pop fans.


Fun Fact: Richmond, where VR hail from, is the capital of Virginia and also the hometown of the luxurious Jefferson Hotel.  As the Richmond tourism guide explains: "Originally built in 1895, this grand Richmond hotel was damaged severely by fire in 1901 and reopened only months later. Edward Valentine's statue of Thomas Jefferson stands in the upper lobby over a pool that once was the home of live alligators."  THAT'S ALLIGATORS, PEOPLE!

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 songs, distributed by the label, released 2002]