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"Silhouettes" CDR

Inam Records

Genre: post-rock, rock

July 2007

Mogwai and Floorian are kindred spirits for DIY drone rocker Vopat, who has compiled this release from two past EPs limited to 55 copies each. Despite the homemade nature of the release and the prohibitively low edition size, this release is very low on noise - instead we get very songlike, epic post-rock that works really well. The best part of this disc are the first few tracks, which blaze through in scorching glory (especially emotional intro "Silhouette"); the rest of the disc does tend to wander a bit. Highlights include the juicy, plodding chords of "Contracting Lead" and explosive "Stanfa". It is in the nature of records like this to become a tad repetitive (there is, in fact, only so much you can do with quiet/loud dynamics and droning guitars) but Vopat manages pretty well, even if they sound quite a bit like Mogwai in the process. Grab this one if you can get it, as I suspect there aren't many copies floating around.

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Fun Fact: Vopat is also the last name of former NHL enforcer Roman Vopat.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2006]