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Various Artists

"Vintage Chill: Volume 1. Spring" CD

Kriztal Entertainment

Genres: chill-out, electro, electronica

15982 NW 48th Avenue
Miami FL 33014

May 3 - 9 2004

It can't be argued - Kriztal's Spring compilation is nothing more than your average chill-out disc.  Like the others in the Vintage Chill collection, it compiles a selection of vaguely seasonal tunes to make for perfect lounge-fan headphone listening.  As is always the case, Spring features plenty of smooth beats, slightly jazzy basslines, and guitar/piano based melodies.

While this compilation is cookie-cutter in format, it's also a surprisingly strong example of the genre.  If you've already got plenty of lounge discs in your collection, this one isn't going to blow you away; however, if you're looking to get into the genre, this is definitely worth a try - if you can get it for a bargain price.  Impressive contributions from Soulstance and Ivy are sure to please.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]