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The Victory Squad

Self-Titled CD-EP


Genres: instrumental rock, indie rock, indie pop

July 8 - 15 2002

The Victory Squad are an instrumental rock band that fall somewhere in between Mogwai and Enon.  While Mogwai is much more slow and powerful than they are, they're pop sensibities aren't as obvious as Enon's.  Add to the mix some Ativin, some Pavement, and a whole slew of Sweep The Leg Johnny and you've got a great big Victory stew.

As this whole onslaught of indie influences may suggest, the Squad know their way around the scene, and their music is no different.  They boast a very pleasant sound - fast-paced and catchy, yet complex and layered.  On "Fisto" they combine the traditional bass, drums, and guitar formula to make a country-influenced rock track that would fit well on a long road trip, heading down a highway at 70 miles per hour.  Meanwhile, "More Scary Than A Puma" features a menacing bass line and jumpy, sporadic guitar playing.  When it reaches the main melody, you just feel like jumping around in glee.  Well, not quite, but you get the picture.

All around, The Victory Squad has released a fine record.  If you're a fan of Sweep The Leg Johnny, Ativin, or other bands of that style, this CD will surely win you over - I guess you can call this EP a Victory for the Squad (ha ha).


Matt Shimmer