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Velveeta Heartbreak

"I Shot the Invisible Man" b/w "Secret Beach Boys Fans Parts 1 & 2" 7"

Semper Lo-fi Recordings

Genre: lo-fi, hometaper, indie pop

March 2007

velveeta heartbreak is an alter-ego of one michael j. bowman, or MJB, lo-fi hometaper extraordinaire. we start off with a simple yet effective pop tune in "i shot the invisible man" on side a followed by an absolutely beautiful, wonderfully cinematic piano interlude that is simply too short! side b is the longer of the two, starting with an extended instrumental part (with a deliciously off-kilter goof troop sound to it) and then moving into some bare-bones lo-fi pop. this is a nice outing for mjb, and reigns as one of his more accessible efforts despite the lovingly lo-fi production values.


Fun Fact: whats the difference between velveeta and kraft singles anyway?

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 2 sides, ~6:40, distributed by the artist (by mail), released 2006]