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"Interfoliere" EP

Rump Recordings

Genre: electronica, jazz

August 2007

denmark's vektormusik are the latest purveyors of lush, glitchy electro-jazz in the vein of fs blumm and the kammerflimmer kollektief. heavy on the atmospheric side, interfoliere is a lovely sophomore release for this duo that carefully weaves together electronic rhythms with sampled piano, clarinet, trumpet, and the ilk. i really like this record, particularly as a moodpiece - it has a very twilighty, elegant texture that is created by reedy woodwinds and brushed percussion. the similarity to fs blumm is glaring, though these compositions tend to be a bit sparser and darker. file under atmospheric electronic jazz.

vektormusik's myspace


Fun Fact: the record label's name is rump!!!

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 6 tracks, distributed by VME, released June 18, 2007]