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Vaguely Starshaped

"Nothing New to Prove" CDR


Genres: emo, power pop, indie rock

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June 9 - 16 2002

Upon first listen, Vaguely Starshaped sounds like one of those teenage bands that form as a chance for a bunch of pubescent band members to look cool and, hopefully, score some chicks.  Upon second listen, there's much more.

While they may not be doing anything particularly unique - it's mostly the usual suspects, emo and power pop - Vaguely Starshaped do what they do and do it well.  There's lots of energy here, but most of it is channelled into what the band does best, emo.  The music is not meant to be powerful or intense, but more calm and emotional.

I particularly liked the song "Turn".  As the longest track of the five, it manages to stay completely enjoyable for six and a half minutes.  Taking cues from The Promise Ring, the song's got a sensitive charm to it - it's the type of sad track that emo kids kill for.   Meanwhile, "C-Song" is a more energetic number, with an upbeat chorus and a fast-paced rhythm section.  It is no coincidence that its the shortest track of all, as Vaguely Starshaped seems to be dying (or should I say crying? - ah, emo jokes) to get back to their more depressing side with the final track, "Lost Novembers".   All of the five songs on this album are winners and definitely recommended for emo fans.  But what's with the chorus of "Waiting To Forget"?  The Strokes' "Hard To Explain", anyone?  Ah well, it's a great song, nonetheless.


Note: This EP comes with a sticker!  Yippee!

Matt Shimmer