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Various Artists

"Urbs in Horto" CD

Johanns Face Records

Genres: indie pop

Johanns Face
PO Box 479164
Chicago, IL 60647

Sep 22 - 28 2003

Urbs in Horto is an eighteen track compilation of Chicago indie pop music as compiled by Johanns Face brainchild Marc Ruvolo and Chicago Indiepop Festival organizer Aadam Jacobs.  A wide selection of bands are tapped here and there's lots to like.

Some of these songs are real winners.  Hushdrops' "Emily" is an adorable, insanely catchy slice of pure pop, Longitude's "More Awake Now Than Ever" is quiet and yet powerful, and The Atari Star's carefree "Urbs in Horto" are all very solid tunes.  Good tracks are also contributed by M.O.T.D., Written in the Sand, Kim, Archer Prewitt, Tom Daily, and Light FM.

Overall, Urbs in Horto is a terrific, infectious compilation that shows off all the good pop music that's coming out of Chicago, a city that is often overlooked in an international perspective.  This isn't great - there are duds - but all in all it's a very pleasant pop comp.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 19 tracks, distributed by Mordam, released 2003]