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Various Artists

"Until the Shaking Stops: A Salute to Jawbox" CD

Two Sheds

Genres: indie rock

Two Sheds
PO Box 5455
Atlanta GA 31107

December 2005

It had to be done, but Jawbox still seems like an interesting choice as the subject of a tribute album. I'm not complaining; they're one of my favourite rock bands. The only beef I have with this comp is that the majority of the songs don't really stray from their originals. RETiSONiC's "Cooling Card," for example, is only really distinguishable from the original because it's less cohesive - you gotta love the spirit, but intent isn't everything. The same problem is noticeable in Ourselves' "Breathe" and Riddle of Steel's "U-Trau". However, there are still a number of successes on Until the Shaking Stops. The Life and Times' "Green Glass" is relatively true to Jawbox's version, but still retains a brooding, appealing sound. The Actual's "Static," meanwhile, is probably the best song on the disc - its scratched vocals and melodic approach really make it a successful reenactment of one of their subject's most unfairly overlooked songs. Overall, this is a worthwhile record for Jawbox fans - but it doesn't offer much variation upon the band's original style.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 14 tracks, 48.9 min, distributed by the label, released 2005]