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Unfinished Thought

"Becoming Aware" CD

Shiverstar Records

Genres: goth

PO Box 20088
Kalamazoo MI 49019

May 5 - 11 2003

This is the perfect record for curious listeners looking to get a taste of the goth genre.  Fantastic in it's melodic structure and accessibility, Becoming Aware offers a simple, exciting glimpse at female-fronted goth music.  It's the type of record that's an asset to its genre because it gets new audiences interested in the music.

And part of that allure may be because Unfinished Thought's style isn't purely goth.  There are elements of electronica, rock, and even pop present on Becoming Aware - and these influences greatly help to make the album more accessible.    Songs like "Xoe" and "Voices" are very goth-like, but perhaps a little too catchy for diehard fans.  Meanwhile, "Reflection" is an almost Portishead-esque pop number.

Altogether, Becoming Aware is recommended for both goth fans and those just wanting to give the genre a try.  Energetic, daring, and passionate about their music, Unfinished Thought have taken the genre to a whole new level.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 15 songs, distributed by the band; released 2002]