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"Transmissions From The Biosphere" CD


Genres: shoegazer, dream pop

1624 Alberta Dr.
Little Rock, AR 72227

Mar 26 - 30 2003

Tyko, from Little Rock, Arkansas, play their own brand of electronic shoegazer-pop that will surely appeal to indie poppers alike.  On Transmission From The Biosphere, layers of fuzz and drone haze above dreamy vocals and spacey percussion to produce a dream-pop sound that's surprisingly fresh.  It's no wonder the Clairecords folks have been so impressed by them.

Particularly excellent tracks include "Saturn 5," "Planet One," and "Central Image," the latter of which is an eight-minute epic filled with shifting guitars, echoing vocals, short vocal samples, and even a bit of sitar.  "Floating" is another excellent track; it is beautifully slow and calm, taking a more dreamy approach to the shoegazer genre.  Meanwhile, "Summertime Comeback" is a positive, upbeat tune with a warm, albeit repetitive, feel. 

Altogether, Transmissions From The Biosphere is a thoroughly engaging listen.  Shoegazer and dream pop fans would be well-advised to give it a try, there isn't a mediocre track to be heard.


Fun Fact:  

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 8 songs, distributed by Tone Vendor, released 2002]