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Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re

"Pregnant Fantasy" CD

Benten Tokyo

Genre: garage rock, all-girl rock

May 2006

Hailing from musical hotbed Japan, Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re is an all-girl rock trio culling influences from a number of musical camps, most predominantly rock and punk. Pregnant Fantasy varies somewhat, from the garage rock of "Lingerie Shop" and "Ebihara Shinji" to the experimental avant-rock of "Manhole" and the fucked-up ska/metal spasmodics on "Tea Time Ska". Behind it all are the singers' cutesy voices (think Enon), lending a deliberate accessibility to the melting pot of styles. The formula works surprisingly well, avoiding falling into the experimental abyss of tedium but keeping things offbeat enough to warrant a special kind of attention. If crashing rhythms and revved-up guitars fit in snugly with cheery, girly vocals in your dictionary of rock, then Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re's Pregnant Fantasy needs to make its way into your collection. Now.


Fun Fact: The album's first song, "Umeboshi Plums," refers to Umeboshi - these are made by drying ume fruits and putting them in barrels with salt. The result is something of a Japanese equivalent to the pickle - except they're usually red (or brown).

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 8 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2005]