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"Long Road Home" CDEP


Genres: hard rock, mainstream rock

Aug 7 - 13 2004

Finnish hard rock - now there's a new one for me.  Obviously, Scandinavia is a hotbed for black metal, but Trigon is far more accessible than many of their compatriots.  Beneath the production gloss lies a band well versed in melodic songwriting - their songs are as catchy as heck and they're performed with spirit and very competent technical ability.

At its simplest, Trigon's music is reminiscent of the mid-nineties alternative rock movement; these songs wouldn't feel at all out of place on a Marcy Playground, Soundgarden, or Tea Party album.  Opener "Long Road Home" is the most initially accessible single; its catchy "go to pieces" chorus needs to be chanted across a sold-out stadium packed with millions of adoring fans.  The Tea Party-esque grunginess of "Turn the Waters," meanwhile, has a memorable, dark energy to it that could have been popular in 1996 - though still sounds good now.  "Precious" finishes things up in a bit of a grunge vein.  Its melody is a bit unusual, relying only on a very subtle, repeated guitar chord change.

I don't know if this music is popular in Finland (the lyrics are all in English), but I can certainly see its mainstream appeal.  I wouldn't buy this EP, but I certainly wouldn't mind hearing these songs on the radio.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 3 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2003]