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Transmissonary Six

Self-Titled CD

FILMguerrero Records

Genres: indie pop, dream pop, lo-fi

Film Guerrero
PO Box 14414
Portland, OR 97293

May 11 - 18 2002

This album is the debut release for Transmissionary Six, a pleasant little indie pop band from Seattle. Coming through with delicate strokes of dream pop, it's hard not to like this album. But, then again, who would want to dislike it?

Transmissionary Six blends the styles of Sparklehorse and Galaxie 500, and adds their own pleasant creativity into the mix to keep things interesting. The result is ten sweet songs that roll along seamlessly, never even hinting at the world "boring."

Take "Marooned," for example. Combining personal vocals la Mercury Rev with soft, Galaxie 500-esque guitarwork, the song brushes by briefly and beautifully. And then there's "My Paper Party Hat," a quirky, catchy little ditty that would fit perfectly next to a warm fire on a cold winter night. It's just a small little critter of a song, yet it fills the room with a warm ambience that few tracks can achieve.

These types of warm, personal pieces have been attempted by many bands in the past, but few of them have actually achieved the delicate perfection that Transmissionary Six have reached. Upon hearing the beautiful, too-short "Submarine," you'll know exactly what I am referring to. If all indie pop was this good, you could throw away every other genre in existence.

Transmissionary Six is one of those indie outfits you can really see becoming big on the indie scene one day; if their debut album reaches these levels of grandeur, then they've definitely got something good coming in their future. I think I'll finish this review up right now, as I want to go listen to these songs alone.


Matt Shimmer