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Trans Am

"Liberation" CD

Thrill Jockey

Genres: post-rock, experimental rock, electronica

Thrill Jockey
PO Box 08038
Chicago IL 60608

Jul 26 - Aug 1 2004

Liberation is the clever title of Thrill Jockey post-rock outfit Trans Am's new 2004 album, a musical critique of the Bush administration's war on Iraq.  Following in the vein of their previous political releases, the D.C. trio come across explicitly - song titles include such blatancies as "Uninvited Guest" and "Divine Invasion."  Their message is far from subtle, but they communicate it cleverly and convincingly.

Though it is preceded by a remarkably gratifying instrumental, "Uninvited Guest" really starts things off, chopping up and modifying a Bush speech into a machine-like, robotic audio collage.  Many of the other tracks focus on governmental paranoia, including the claustrophobic "Total Information Awareness" and the creepy "White Rhino".  Most of the other tracks are instrumentals, including the powerful "Divine Invasion," which starts with the sound of helicopter propellers before morphing into a full-on guitar/bass/drums instrumental number.

As it is, this is another good chapter in the Trans Am catalogue.  It isn't as inspired as some of their earlier efforts, but still packs a strong message and some seriously enjoyable pieces of music.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 14 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2004]