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Tracy Millar

"You Go Girl..." CD


Genre: new country

May 2007

for some, this sort of new country stuff is the shit. sadly i cannot really see the appeal here, as it seems every song in this genre sounds exactly the same. but i'm hardly a connoisseur. millar has a good voice, and the production team has added a nice sheen of gloss. the empowering message here (epitomized by "ring on his finger") is a nice sentiment, but i won't be revisiting this cd any time soon. however, i must say you go girl... is an awesome name for a cd no matter how you cut it.


Fun Fact: Apparently Tracy has a Top 20 single in Europe... you go girl!

coxwell balaban

[Vitals: 10 tracks, 31:24, distributed by MusicMax, released 2007]