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"The New Song" CD


Genres: funk, neo-soul, R&B

Apr 21 - 27 2003

A whole disc full of funky, Jamiroquai-esque jams - to what do I owe the pleasure?  Neo-soul was never really my thing, but Townhall's debut, The New Song, is making me rethink my preferences.

"Confusion" is a funky, catchy-as-heck number with some really effective melodies and a loose, carefree style.  "Premonitions" is a cool, more downbeat number that has all the necessary elements to become a hit single - although it gets a bit too close to cookie-cutter R&B material at times.  "Ellie May" is a catchy, emotional tune that really hits the right notes (was that my idea of a pun?)  "Limousine," on the other hand, is a vapid effort without any particularly redeeming features.  But nobody's perfect...

So The New Song boasts many fun, catchy songs, but suffers from a few duds like "Limousine."  However, the majority of the tracks here are good ones, and as such, this is a pretty successful album.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 songs, distributed by Redeye Distribution, released 2003]