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Tony Moreno

"Leftovers from a Wake" CDR

KEEP Recordings

Genres: folk, soundscapes, experimental folk

PO Box 18972
Tucson AZ 85731

May 31 - Jun 6 2004

Tony Moreno's Leftovers from a Wake is by no means a "pop" record, although it is no stranger to accessibility.  The first disc on the newly formed Keep Recordings imprint [dedicated to limited editions of around 50 copies each,] it is a folk-influenced experiment in instrumental soundscapery and spoken word storytelling.  Throughout the album's thirteen tracks, Moreno combines historical interviews with guitar and electronic accompaniment.  The results are very moody and often heartwarming, blending modern textures with archaic themes.

While Leftovers from a Wake may face a limited fanbase due to a lack of "single"-calibre compositions, it isn't the type of album that can be considered flat-out boring.  Moreno's guitar playing is inspired and dramatic; this is especially evident on folkscapes like "Hole the Size of My Heart" and "Saturdays," as well as straightforward acoustic folk numbers "Blood Meridian" and "Leftovers from a Wake."

Overall, Tony Moreno's album is a great accomplishment - while it's largely a full-length soundscape, the inclusion of many accessible guitar melodies and a few delightfully sorrowful folk ballads will warrant repeated listens.  As a whole, this is a tremendously pleasant homemade release - its artwork is beautiful, and the music itself is no different.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 13 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]