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Tony Marriott

"Solitude" CD


Genre: pop / rock, singer / songwriter

August 2007

Though the strength of the similarity varies from track to track, Vancouverite Tony Marriott does Coldplay style pop pretty well. "Faith and Fairytales" and "Life on Mars" are fair counterparts to X&Y tunes, all lifty guitars and airy vocals. And then other songs recall Nettwerk acts like The Perishers ("Valley of the Sun"). The more mainstream connections are blatant but don't detract from the value of this record, which is on a whole both impressive and catchy. In fact, "Someday" is one of the catchiest songs I've heard on a review disc this year. Not every song is a hit, but for a Coldplay-esque pop record, this does the trick well.

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Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, distributed on iTunes, released June 2007]