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Tony Marino

"Samba De Say Party?" CD

Toneman Productions

Genres: latin jazz, elevator music

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April 2002

For a CDR release, this is remarkably professional (although it suffers from some very poorly printed cover art). Not only is it barcoded, but it is also available from Amazon and CD Street. Knowing this, I was expecting a collection of crisp, cleanly recorded compositions. And I got what I expected. Although my inital reaction to this was not exactly positive, I'm really starting to lighten up to these eleven latin jazz pieces. Altogether, they are very nice, each song exhibiting a combination of talented songwriting and professional instrumentation. My favourite piece was "Chancery Place," a beautiful, melodic song that sounds exactly like elevator music. In fact, pretty much all of this album would fit perfectly as Muzak; the crisp, contained sounds just have that supermarket "feeling" to them. That said, I have no reservations in claiming that I enjoy Muzak thoroughly, and, if you do too, you'll probably enjoy "Samba De Say Party?" immensely. Although, if you aren't intrigued by the promise of Perez Prado-inspired elevator music, perhaps this isn't a good choice.


Matt Shimmer