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"I Must Be Right" lathe-cut 7"

Kaw Tapes

Genres: lo-fi, hometaper

94 Main Street
Forth, Lanarkshire
ML11 8AB

July 25 - 31 2005

What a treat!  Timo runs hometaper label Kaw Tapes, and this lathe-cut seven-incher is number sixty-five in his rather prolific discography.  Though this is definitely a brief glimpse of the man whose name spells "omit" backwards, it does make for some tasty lo-fi intrigue.  Side A houses the title-track, a vicious little Dead Kennedys-esque tune (I realize I'm not the first reviewer to say that.)  Side B's "Welcome To Hell" shares this sensibility, but it's a bit rougher, with grating guitars and brutally scratchy vocals.  The recording standards are understandably low, but this only really adds to the effect.  "Red Planet" is the record's slow, warped-sounding acoustic folk track - it has a really neat, downtrodden sound that I quite like.  Overall, this is a really neat DIY biscuit courtesy of Timo; fans of the hometaper scene (Ken Clinger, Don Campau, MJB) need to take notice - though I'm sure they already have.

By the way, folks - this is limited to one hundred copies, and I've got number seventy-two... so act fast if you're interested!


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 3 tracks, clear vinyl, distributed by the label, released 2004]