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"Circle The Wagons!" CDEP

Reason Y Records

Genres: math-rock, instrumental rock

Reason Y Records
747 Barnett St. NE No. 4
Atlanta GA 30306

Jan 24 - 30 2005

Timber! make it their mission to focus on instrumental math-rock without falling into the old pop hook trap, and they do it as concisely as can be imagined.  I've listened to this three-track EP numerous times, and I can tell you that melodies are far and few and between.  Circle The Wagons! bases itself on complex time signatures and mathy guitar/bass interplay, and the results are pretty standard.  On occasion Timber! flirts with a memorable groove or an infectious riff, but just as soon as they establish a hint of catchiness, they pull away and delve into another concept.  The EP is angular and sporadic, succeeding in its battle plan, but lacking a particularly ambitious concept.  But at their best, Timber! do impress; play the jumpy "Yars' Revenge" really loud and you'll know what I mean.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 3 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]