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Self-titled CD

Shmat Records

Genres: indie pop, indie rock

Shmat Records
PO Box 1191
Alhambra CA 91802

Feb 23 - 29 2004

Tigerella is a pleasant, unassuming indie pop band on the increasingly illustrious (and prolific) Shmat label of Alahambra, California. Elements of twee, shoegazer, and straightforward, Pavement-esque pop sensibility are all present in their sound, which, though inoffensive, is remarkably infectious.

The best songs on this self-titled debut album are those that establish solid, memorable melodies and then use them appropriately. "Insomniac," for example, is a fresh, loose tune with a very pleasing bed of guitar chords laid under the almost folky vocals. Many of the other songs share this basic, primitive sensibility, lavishing the listener in pleasant hooks and soft melodies.

My only qualm with Tigerella's style is that it can get a bit dull at times. Their songs are frequently based on short, repeated choruses, which can drag when the songs go on for too long ("The Curse of the Matador" and "Caleb" are good examples of this problem.)

However, when all is said and done, Tigerella are certainly masters of good, twee-esque indie pop. They lack a certain something - perhaps edge or variety - but true pop lovers will likely enjoy their self-titled debut album nonetheless.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]