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Ticker Tape Parade

"You're Causing A Scene" CD

Sunset Alliance

Genres: emo, indie rock

Sunset Alliance
PO Box 32048
Phoenix AZ 85275

May 26 - Jun 1 2003

Despite only being around for a bit over 8 months, Ticker Tape Parade have seen quite a bit of success.  They've already got a spot on the talented Sunset Alliance roster, and have been invited to tour with the likes of No Knife, The Ataris, The Stereo, and The Promise Ring.  No small feat.

You're Causing a Scene is the band's debut EP, and it's a good one.  While it is certainly in vogue to hate emo, TTP manage to make the genre seem slightly less embarrassing.  While there's still plenty of whiny vocals and those equally whiny guitars, the melodies on this EP are very catchy, and if you aren't already hell-bent on avoiding emo, then you'll probably pick up on the better sides of TTP's sound.  That isn't to say you'll like it,, but you probably won't find it as terrible as some of the other stuff out there. 

While a song like "Breathe; Repeat" can feel a bit lame and complain-y, it is saved by its catchy chorus.  And "Wish I'd Fall" is the ultimate in whine, but its dark, almost cinematic ambiance gives it a grand feel, neutralizing that unpleasant crybaby aroma.

This EP won't change any minds.  That's a given.  But to those noble few emo kids still around, you're going love this. 


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 6 songs, distributed by the label, released 2003]