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Things in Herds

"I Can Dancing and Walking" CD

Trust Me/G-Folk Records

Genres: indie pop, folk pop

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April 27 - May 4 2002

Although the odd grammar of the album's title may give off the impression of an experimental IDM release, I assure you that this is not so. Things in Herds has created a delicious collection of lo-fi pop gems. They are instantly catchy tracks that, despite their minimal arrangement, still manage to be fully powerful. In fact, the sparce instrumentation only makes them more personal to the listener.

"Too Happy," for example, is an infectious tune with elements of both pop and folk in it. Beautiful vocals and two guitars make up the entirety of the instrumentation, but heck, you'd be hard-pressed to find anything so wondrously powerful on the independent scene these days. While listening to another track, "Come In," be sure to bring a tissue box along. Don't be deceived by the gentleness of the song - it packs a lot of emotion in it. The chorus will get you shivering in delight - and humming the day after.

From the eerie detachment of "I Don't Need a Thing" to the frolicking pop perfection of "Always Disappear," this CD will stay in any indie pop fan's stereo for weeks.


Matt Shimmer