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Self-titled CD


Genres: indie rock, noise rock, dream rock

Nov 22 - 28 2004

When I reviewed thebrotherkite's minimally-designed six song demo in mid-2002, I couldn't help but notice the potential.  The review ended with a simple, gutsy statement:

"By the time it all comes to a close, you won't be able to comprehend why the band hasn't already been snatched by an indie label."

Lo and behold, it's 2004 now and thebrotherkite has a disc out on established indie Clairecords.  It had to happen; the band's infectious brand of dreamy noise-rock couldn't go unnoticed for long.  And unsurprisingly, this self-titled album is an incredibly solid debut.

Featuring four songs from their demo and four new ones, this disc is the perfect blend of shoegazer and noise rock.  thebrotherkite combines charged guitars and percussion with dreamier elements like feedback layers and strong, lovely melodies.  "Simply Say My Name" stands out immediately due to a wonderful build-up/breakdown chorus and a sensitively explosive structure not far off from the hypothetical offspring of My Bloody Valentine, Archers of Loaf, and XTC.  "Porcelain" and "The Music Box" follow in the same vein, each with a chorus that just begs to be screamed along to; meanwhile, the passionate "Goodnight, Goodnight, Goodnight" ranks among the disc's best.  The album only cuts away from the formula in two places - "Mere Appreciation" is a quiet and touching acoustic tune, and "The Way That You Came Down" occupies its space as a slow-building, pure eighties shoegazer epic.

You may not have heard of thebrotherkite before, but open your ears quickly.  This is one of 2004's best debuts.  Play it loud.


Fun Fact: Despite similarities in name, thebrotherkite has no relation to Oregon band thebrotheregg.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 8 tracks, distributed by Tone Vendor, released 2004]