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Self-Titled CDR/Demo


Genres: indie rock, noise rock

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May 18 - 25 2002

Demos really are a mixed bag - you never know what you're going to get until you've listened to it. This is quite the case with thebrotherkite's demo, which came solely with a sheet of paper stating "rock duo from providence, ri seek people to review their first demo. can you help?" So all I knew was that I could expect rock. Was it going to be any good? Was it going to enthrall me or leave me unsatisfied? Was it just going to be crap? I had no idea.

So I popped it in to my cd player. The first track, "mere appreciation" kind of got me down. It didn't strike me as being any good, and I almost gave up on it right there. But, as we all know, it isn't a reviewer's job to merely listen to a little bit of something. No, we have to go through it all, regardless of our first impressions. And I'm thankful for that. Because as soon as "mere appreciation" finished, this demo began to get good. Real good.

The songs hit me one after another. First came "the music box", a deliciously rocking song with a wonderful melody. It was like a Casket Lottery track being played by D.B.S. - completely noise-ridden, yet still pleasantly melodic. Then came "porcelain", which sounds similar, but boasts a slight Guided By Voices influence that's hard to pinpoint, but undoubtedly present.

"hover" and "blackout" are similarly rocking tunes, put together with thebrotherkite's magnificent talents for songwriting and performance. The last tune on this ep is "give", a gentle little storm that finishes the album off in style. By the time it all comes to a close, you won't be able to comprehend why the band hasn't already been snatched by an indie label.


Matt Shimmer