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"Thankful" CD

Temporary Residence Ltd.

Genre: various

August 2007

Thankful (TR100) represents the majority of the bands Temporary Residence has signed since their last compilation, Thank You (TR50). Appropriately, it is a very eclectic and somewhat challenging release, with an emphasis on interesting sounds and unusual musical craft. To add some buyer incentive, every track on this disc is previously unreleased - meaning not only does this allow a listener to sample the many fruits of TR's loins, but also makes for intriguing listening for fans of specific acts on the label's roster. The different sounds of the different bands fall into a number of different camps. Pretty instrumentals are contributed by Eluvium and MONO, both exuding a sort of elegant, wistful melody. In a similar realm, Caroline crafts her unique brand of beautiful pop. Lazarus' folky guitar/vocal song, meanwhile, takes a less perfectionist, more bare-bones stab at the songwriting end, while Oldham family project The Anomoanon plays pure country-rock. Representing TR's math-rock faction are Sleeping People (think Sweep The Leg Johnny) and more metal-driven By The End Of Tonight. Rounding things out are the crisp acid jazz of The Drift, the aggressive techno/pop of Cex and Nice Nice, and weird proggy stuff from The Ladies (Rob Crow of Pinback and Zach Hill of Hella). This is a nice overview of the bands TR has brought us over the past few years, and proof of Temporary Residence's outstanding quality as a record label - here's to TR150!


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, 52:29, distributed by the label, released 2006]