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Tex La Homa

"If Just Today Were To Be My Entire Life" CD

Hybrid Electric

Genres: indie pop, space rock

Hybrid Electric
PO Box 1261
Lincoln Park MI

Mar 15 - 21 2004

Some albums I listen to once and then condemn to the nether regions of my collection.  Some albums get a few spins, usually due to one or two good songs, but then are gradually fazed out of my repertoire.  Finally, however, there's the elusive [and cleverly-named] "permanent record," which stays with me for years.

Tex La Homa's If Just Today Were To Be My Entire Life is treading dangerously close to becoming permanent.  Its gloomy, spacey atmosphere is only enhanced by songwriter Matt Shaw's wonderful melodies.  Each listen is euphoric - the audience can't help but become deeply engaged in the music.  A song like "Petroleum" inhabits the area between shoegazer and space rock - equal parts My Bloody Valentine and Mojave 3 are present in the mix.  "Either Way" and the fantastic "When You Close Your Eyes", meanwhile, are electronic-enhanced indie pop, complete with pretty guitar-and-vocal melodies laid over electronic rhythms and subtle synthesized melodies.

Tex La Homa's Shaw knows how to blend elements of rock music and electronica perfectly.  Not only does he have a Pluramon-esque affinity for melding the two, but he is also an extremely talented songwriter.  Every tune here is brimming in hooks.  Every tune here is a keeper.  Every tune here is permanent.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]