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Tex La Homa

"Dazzle Me With Transience" CD

Superglider Records

Genres: indie pop, space pop

First Floor
123 Old Christchurch Road Bournemouth

May 26 - Jun 1 2003

Tex La Homa is the work of one Matt Shaw, a talented indie pop musician who wrote, performed, and produced almost everything on Dazzle Me With Transience.  His music is a sort of epic space pop, characterized by dark, moody atmospheres and cinematic melodies.  Indie pop fans will find a lot to like in Dazzle Me With Transience, as Tex La Homa's musical style is accessible and easy to embrace, despite its unconventional nature.

Right from the start, a half-shoegazer / half-space rock tune that goes by the fitting name "Something Good," you're in blissful territory.  Shaw's delicately raw vocals are layed on top of an electronic beat, a guitar line, and a drifting layer of electronics.  Meanwhile, "Never Gonna Go Away" is deliciously plugged-in electronic-ized cinema - it almost sounds like a listless Portishead, except listless in a good way, if you can believe it.  "Good Luck," meanwhile, is as close to a traditional pop song as you're going to get on this album, coming across with a guitar-and-vocal base that's had electro-drums and spacey electronics injected into it.  "When I am Lost" is another inspired tune, its organ part rips off part of the melody to Procol Harum's "A Whiter Shade of Pale," but to wonderful effect.

All in all, Dazzle Me With Transience is a fantastic electronic/pop hybrid album that will satisfy shoegazer and space pop fans worldwide.  You won't believe it's all the work of only one guy.  Go on, give it a whirl.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 songs, distributed by the label, released 2002]