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Texas, Mike & The Hits

Self-Titled CDEP

Breaker Breaker Records

Genres: Southern punk, Southern rock, punk rock

Breaker Breaker
PO Box 536071
Orlando FL 32853

Jun 30 - Jul 6 2003

What we have here from new band Texas, Mike & The Hits is a short, five-song EP of guitar-driven, Southern-style punk music.  Riffs are everywhere, choruses are short and easy to shout along to, and the attitude is deep-fried in punk oil.

While songs like "Haulin' Oats" and "Trainwreck" are surprisingly melodic for their genre, they aren't really suited for repeated listening.  Those who like their music nice and hooky will find themselves unsatisfied by some of the superficial melodies on this EP.  An exception is the twangy "The City," which shows a lot of promise and is very infectious, in a Southern sort of way.  Another solid tune is the last one, "Auto-Mo Approval," which is a spunky, punked-up rocker with riffs that wouldn't feel out of place on a stoner rock record.

All in all, this is a solid EP, but one that will only really appeal to fans of Southern punk rock, Orlando style.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 5 songs, released 2003]