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Test Pilot

"Boy's Life" cassette single

Popgun Recordings

Genres: indie pop, noise pop, lo-fi

PO Box 7774
Riverside CA 92513

Jul 28 - Aug 3 2003

Two sides, two songs. This is what tapes were made for. Test Pilot is the indie pop project of Raoul de la Cruz, who enlists the help of friend Amber Maynard for percussion duties. The first track, "Boy's Life," is a noise pop tune with loud drums and electric guitar. The vocals are not exactly easy to comprehend, although you can make out most of it. The song itself is catchy and fun, although its relative loudness strains the low quality recording's limits.

The other side houses "So Glad You Called", a less noisy tune with an undeniably infectious melody. Raoul's vocals are warm and personal; his trumpet playing really fits in the song's arrangement. If you get into it, you'll really be pleased by this song - however, those with aversions to lo-fi recordings will probably just end up annoyed.

Raoul's own Popgun label has released this sweet little tape and made it available for one mere buck. If you're into lo-fi indie and noise pop, then get a bunch of Popgun tapes and make sure this one's in the pile.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 2 tracks, distributed by the label, released 1996]