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Ten Words For Snow

"Spit on Electrics" CDEP


Genres: indie rock

PO Box 304
Birmingham MI

Nov 15 - 21 2004

Sometimes a bit of well-timed indie rock just hits the spot.  Think Sebadoh, Archers of Loaf, Pavement, etcetera.  Boyarm wonder boys Ten Words For Snow fill the bill.  This six-song EP is a lovely parade of rock songs, starting with the immediately infectious "Painted Mouths" and ending with the intense blast of the title-track.  Ten Words For Snow's only nuance is the inclusion of occasional keyboards; otherwise, they're a fairly straightforward, fun-lovin' rock band - known for the occasional trick (they challenge you to find the backward guitar solo on this EP).

Despite their straightforward sound, though, TWFS are never boring on Spit on Electrics.  Melody is heaped on the listener in droves, and a free-wheeling, lively spirit pervades the entire disc.  The infectious spirit is somewhat reminiscent of The New Pornographers, but much grittier - with a definite noise-rock flair (think Archers of Loaf).  Songs like "Instants Get A Stretch" and "Insides" make their presence known immediately and never wear out their welcome.   "Lotion Song" is the only blemish here; it's uncharacteristically bland, with a very questionable melody.  With only six songs to go by, I haven't yet got an accurate grasp of what TWFS are capable of - but with chops like these, their future is definitely worth attention.  For now, this EP is will make for a wise investment.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 6 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]