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Teenage Girls

"The Initial Assault LP: The Art of Friendship" CD

PFP Music

Genres: indie rock, college rock, alternative rock

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Oct 14 - 20 2002

Teenage Girls reach this album's highpoint on "Exactabox," an energetic, punk-influenced rocker that switches between pondering emo verses and an energetic, Q and Not U-influenced chorus. While "Box" is the full-length's most noteworthy tune, there are also a number of other good aspects to the album, including some interesting melodies and vocal rhythms.

The band's primary goal, despite often being laced with occasional whininess and pop simplicity, is to rock. Every tune, even those that fall under the sentimental emo banner, manages to - at some point during its duration - kick into rock mode. This is good news for fans of "college rock" and "alternative rock", which are both tags that apply to the band's style. The aptly-titled "My First Ballad" comes closest to ignoring the band's rock vein, remaining completely restrained for two-and-a-half minutes, before finally breaking out the distortion for the last quarter of the track. "How Callous Is The Sound (Biggest Fan)", meanwhile, epitomizes the band's college rock style, coming forth with mock-indie rock stylings and a pretty catchy, spastic melody that recalls Sebadoh's excitable "Gimme Indie Rock," except with a less rough sound.

All around, "The Initial Assault LP" is a very fine effort. While lots of the stuff of this genre ends up sounding too bland and generic to really matter, TG sure sound as if they're doing something right. While repeated listens may be somewhat limited, there is still plenty to enjoy (and hum along to) here.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 9 tracks; distributed by CD Baby; released 2002]