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Tears In X-Ray Eyes

"Wonderfully Made" CD

Chocolate Hearts

Genres: indie pop

Chocolate Hearts
PO Box 554
Philadelphia PA

Jul 19 - 25 2004

Albums like Wonderfully Made make you realize how much great indie pop falls under the radar every year.  This eight-song disc is not perfect all the way through, but it does house some pretty impressive tunes.  Tim Closs, the man behind Tears In X-Ray Eyes, has a talent for memorable, somewhat familiar-sounding melodies that really get in your head easily.

The first half of Wonderfully Made is undoubtedly the best.  "Sleep Like a Dream" and "In These Arms" are two of the most infectious pop tunes I've laid ears on in awhile - both have a comforting, Eels-esque quality to them that is really appealing.  "In These Arms" especially sounds like it could become a minor hit, despite its melancholic atmosphere.  "Wherever You Are (You'll Find Me There)" is another solid track; its folky, chiming pop sound is simply irresistible.

The second half of the disc is a bit less impressive.  "My Strange Love" is a solid but unexciting piece of pop, while "Science Fiction" is ultimately forgettable.  The last two tracks, "Who's Gonna Hurt You Now?" and "You'll Know a Good Thing (When It's Gone)" are a bit better; the former is in definite Eels / South territory, while the latter has a nice spacey quality.

Altogether, Wonderfully Made is a very impressive pop disc with a unique, dreamy sound.  Lovers of South, Sparklehorse, Eels, et al should certainly take note.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 8 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]