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Taking Pictures

"Friends Are Ghosts" CD

My Pal God Records

Genres: indie rock, rock

My Pal God
47 Hardy Dr.
Princeton, NJ

Dec 9 - 15 2002

Taking Pictures are Matt Jencik on bass, Mat Daly on guitar, and Noah Leger on drums, with all of them also contributing vocals. The trio are three quarters of what once was indie rock outfit Hurl. Though I was never familiar with Hurl's work, this album is making me wish I had paid attention while they were around.

With a very fresh, catchy sound, Taking Pictures' debut, Friends are Ghosts, is the type of album you leave in your stereo for weeks on end. Coming at you with an emotional (yet not whiney) rock sound and an epic, almost progressive, songwriting style, this album combines the coolness of the rock edge with the irresistible catchiness of pop.

Take the epic "You Serve, You're So," for example. Starting off with irresistibly juicy guitar hooks and nice vocals, the track comes on strong and slowly calms down, ending with a prolonged instrumental bit that really works well. "Slowly Turning Ashes" is another excellent work - it features an awesome multiple-vocal chorus that carries you away in a flurry of angular guitars and pop hooks.

But the best song on this entire album is undoubtedly "That Fight We Should Have Never Had." Four and a half minutes of sonic-charged rock, it hits you right in the gut, blasting forth in a relentless charge of high-speed rhythms and charged, chiming guitars. The melody alone will have you squirming in blissful ecstasy.

Taking Pictures have recorded a winner. With indie rock melodies to die for, edgy guitars, and fantastic rhythms, you'll be doing yourself a disservice by ignoring this record. This band could be the next Dismemberment Plan, and this - one of the most fantastic debuts to come around in a long while - is where it all begins.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 8 songs + 1 not listed; distributed by the label; released 2002]