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Various Artists

"Syrup and Gasoline Vol. 2" CD

Grenadine Records

Genres: indie pop, indie rock, french pop

Grenadine Records
PO Box 42050
Montreal, Quebec H2W 2T3

May 18 - 25 2002

Grenadine Records' "Syrup and Gasoline" series is reasonably well-known on Canada's indie scene. Considered as one of the most respectable compilations around, "Syrup and Gasoline Vol. 1" was a truly excellent affair. So eventually it came time to release volume 2, and the folks at Grenadine sure were well-advised in doing so.

On the compilation, well-established outifts like The Dears and Elevator are juxtaposed with lesser-known bands like clover honey and Les Tabernacles. As well, this album breaks the language barrier, featuring songs in English and in French. I feel it would be tiresome (and redundant) to start naming songs and commenting on each one of them, but suffice to say, this compilation is good. Excellent indie pop tracks are provided by Mike O'Neil, The Carnations, The Dears, and The Riff Randells. Elevator do what they do best (neo-psychedelia, that is), as well, and there are a bunch of cool french tracks by Les Séquelles, Organics, and Mario Pupette et Les Chevettes.

Grenadine Records shows once again how cool Canada really is with a compilation that will appeal to pretty much everyone. As a Canadian, I can definitely say I'm proud that there's music like this coming out of my country. So pick up "Syrup and Gasoline Vol. 2" as soon as you get the chance - and get volume one while you're at it.


Matt Shimmer